Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday John Calvin

The Reformer John Calvin was born 500 years ago today in Noyon, France. Much is being made of this historic occasion. You can read more at Calvin 500.

W. Robert Godfrey, President of Westminster Seminary in California has a great article, Calvin: Why He Still Matters which I found very helpful.

It has been interesting to see the outpouring of good articles about Calvin and also to observe the bile that comes from others at the mention of his name. I blog over at WORLD magazine in my alter ego. One blogger cannot let go of the Servetus issue and has been very uncharitable, even to the extent of implying since Calvin did not repent of the execution of Servetus he may not be in heaven.

Well, we celebrate his birth even though Calvin himself would be appalled at the fuss. Happy 500th John Calvin!

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