Sunday, June 9, 2013

For the Lord's Day

“If we refuse to take up our cross and submit to suffering and rejection at the hands of men, we forfeit our fellowship with Christ and have ceased to follow him. But if we lose our lives in his service and carry our cross, we shall find our lives again in the fellowship of the cross with Christ…. To bear the cross proves to be the only way of triumphing over suffering. This is true of all who follow Christ, because it was true for him.”  – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Alan Cheney said...

Pastor Tom,

My wife and I visit Surprise and Sun City West regularly as that is where my widowed stepmother lives. Would you mind sharing a prayer request about a social injustice with your prayer team?

I ask that you pray for the poor man who has been recently arrested and charged in Surprise with a DUI even though his test showed 0.000 blood alcohol level and no drugs. This black man, Jessie Thornton, is a retired fireman who moved to Surprise certainly not for this kind of treatment, undoubtedly because he is black, from the Surprise PD.

I ask you to pray that if he saved, that he know the peace of Jesus and not be embittered by this ill treatment, and that if he is not saved that he will find the peace of Jesus in his life. I also ask that you pray for those wicked men and women on the Surprise PD that have such hate in their hearts, that they will find Jesus, repent, and stop staining the reputation of a fine community in the eyes of the world who have seen this story in the news. Thank you.

Joyfully His,

Dr Alan Cheney
Conifer, Colorado