Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Review: Taking God at His Word - Kevin DeYoung

As Christians, we are supposed to be “people of the book.” In Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible is knowable, necessary, and enough, and what it means for you and me Kevin DeYoung, in a fresh, clear and witty way presents the Doctrine of Scripture in way the average church goer can understand and appreciate. With a minimum of technical terms he defends the Bible’s sufficiency, clarity, authority and necessity in eight very readable chapters.
As a pastor, this is the sort of work I can easily give to church members and not worry that the material is too technical for them. And, it did my heart good to read this book and re-inforce my own thinking on the Scriptures.
Pastor DeYoung presented much of this material at the recently concluded Together for the Gospel gathering in Louisville.  You may listen to his audio presentation here: http://t4g.org/media/2014/03/never-spoke-a-man-like-this-before-inerrancy-evangelism-and-christs-unbreakable-bible/

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