Sunday, July 26, 2015

For The Lord's Day

“I am not worthy, Master and Lord, that you should come beneath the roof of my soul: yet, since you in your love toward all wish to dwell in me, in boldness I come. You command, ‘Open the gates’ – which you alone have forged; and you will come in with love toward all as is your nature; you will come in and enlighten my darkened reason. I believe that you will do this: for you did not send away the harlot that came to you with tears; nor cast out the repentant publican; nor reject the thief who acknowledged your kingdom; nor forsake the repentant persecutor, a yet greater act; but all of those who came to you in repentance, were counted in the band of your friends, who alone abide blessed forever, now and unto endless ages.”     – John Chrysostom (c. 347-407)

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