Sunday, August 7, 2016

For The Lord's Day

"God’s great end, in all his works, is the glory of his own name; and especially his work of saving sinners through Christ; and that which makes it a great work, is, because his great name is so much concerned therein, and magnified thereby, that it is not so greatly glorified any other way, as it is here." - Ralph Erskine

Ralph Erskine was one of the “Marrow Men” of the Church of Scotland. The “Marrow Controversy” (1717-1722) dealt with the heart of evangelical Reformed theology – God’s free, sovereign grace. Erskine believed that legalism – Christianity reduced to a set of rules, as well as antinomianism – we have liberty in Christ, are free from the law and can live as we like; both are errors that pull us away from a biblical understanding of the doctrines of grace. I stand with the “Marrow Men.”

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